Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Christina Aguilera Uses Mobile Barcodes

Shakira is doing itChristina Aguilera

Fergie just started doing it

Here comes Christina.

They are all using mobile barcodes and Physical World Connection(PWC) for mobile marketing.

These artists reach the perfect demographic for adoption and offer plenty of physical objects (CDs, movie posters, tickets etc) to use as links to the Net. Having MTV as a marketing partner will this PWC concept some legs.

Christina Aguilera Uses Mobile Barcodes In Manila

MTV in partnership with TMS proudly brings you Christina Aguilera in your mobile phone! Catch her first through TMS technology with just a click... See the advertisement.

TMS is using Scanbuy's mobile code scanning platform.

Grab the chance to earn fun bonuses for your mobile phone e.g. videos, pictures and wallpapers, etc…

Just shoot the tag below or enter the short code and experience this spectacular event!

Christina Aguilera mobile

What is Tag Mobile Service (TMS)? Instead of text messaging (SMS), consumers can scan a mobile code (mobile tag) or use a TMS code to be directly connected with content. Find out more
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