Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Abaxia's Mobile Codes To Be Featured In French Magazines

Physical world connection player Abaxia will begin offering MobileTags in three prominent French magazines.
Smart barcodes make camera phones portals to content

In summer 2007, French magazines Public, Closer, and Voici will begin printing two-dimensional “smart barcodes” in their publications, giving some readers an even faster and simpler way to access a wealth of multimedia content.

When photographed using compatible camera phones, the barcodes, known as “Tags” or “Flashcodes,” immediately open access to multimedia content on a user’s cell phone, including photos, video, and Internet links.

According to C├ędric Mangaud, CEO of Abaxia , the French provider of MobileTag , the application "was developed by Abaxia to allow simple and easy access to external content—drawn from places like newspapers, billboards, television, advertisements, catalogues, and so on".
mobile barcode
MobileTag's application has already been customised for a major Telecom group and their barcode reader is embedded in some of Nokia's phones in France.

By adding a smart barcode to their layouts, newspapers could provide readers with immediate access to their corresponding websites and expanded multimedia content, thus bridging the print-online gap even more quickly.

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