Monday, June 25, 2007

Microsoft One Step Closer To Offering Mobile Speech Recognition Browser

Google is hard at work with their Voice Local Search.

Nuance acquired VoiceSignal Technologies

Microsoft isn't wasting any time with their acquisition of TellMe

Microsoft Search
Joshua at the Boy Genius Report discovers the application that will enable voice search of your Windows Mobile device.

"A beta .cab file has leaked , giving some insight into the specifics of the application. Voice search will be enabled over Bluetooth and your handset's mic. The program allows you to search the web by way of Windows Live Search, directing your inquiries with your voice and some dictated search terms. It also allows you to enter text into just about any open field by way of voice command."

Keep in mind who recently received the "voice interface for a search engine" patent.

The mobile search/find space is getting much more exciting.

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