Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sprint Launches Slifter For Location Based Search Engine

Slifter Sprint

Introducing a GPS function with search opens a lot of opportunities for mobile marketing and social networking possibilities.

Keyspots, based on GPS location will be the equivalent to keywords for mobile marketing. Just like the keywords sex, travel, and news command high fees, so too will GPS locations with heavy traffic. Manhattan versus Des Moines, what will attract more traffic?

This is how Google Makes A Googol

Sprint is tying in their GPS capabilities with Slifters search engine to deliver location based search results.

Think of this as a mobile Froogle with GPS capabilities.

Sprint and GPShopper today announced the launch of Slifter, the first mobile local product search application that employs GPS technology to find products at neighboring retail locations.

Slifter makes real-world shopping more interactive: customers simply enter a keyword, product name, model number or UPC code (barcode) to find a product. They can then view product availability, price and promotional information. (Imagine the possibilities when a barcode is scanned with your GPS enabled phone.)

See the revenue opportunities for Sprint with this service?

Sprint GPS capabilities ensure the closest possible retailers are identified in the search. From video games to vacuum cleaners, using Slifter, Sprint customers can now search for more than 85 million products available at more than 30,000 retail stores across the country.

The big difference is Slifter powered by GPS uses your phone's GPS ability to give you even more accurate results then regular Slifter. N

Slifter is immediately available for download for $1.99 per month* with Sprint's GPS function.

Slifter, is North America's leading mobile local product search and shopping list application. It is accessible for free without GPS functions via SMS (text "SLIFTER" to 75438), wireless web, or java application download on almost any mobile carrier/device combination .

Would you pay an extra $1.99 per month for GPS to be included in all of your mobile applications? (search, maps, weather, alerts, traffic)


Anonymous said...

Screw these carriers--including Sprint--who continue to nickel & dime their 'customers' for $1.99 to $4.99/mo for add-ons like this. Payback will be a bitch when the first one of them serves up all-you- can-eat mobile web service for $15-$20/mo AND an open deck for apps. I can hardly wait for the whining and subsequent discounting frenzy lol. So which one of you domestic carriers wants the largest market share?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Why pay to look at ads behind a barcode?

Scott Shaffer said...

A barcode is a hyperlink to the Internet. It can include an ad, but brands know people will not click just to be advertised to.

Think of the barcode as another way to connect a consumer to the Net using a product. Coupon, price comparison, how to install etc are just a couple examples of what a physical world hyperlink could be used for.

Think of communities that could be built around a barcode.

Anonymous said...

Why would GPS even be necessary if a consumer is already standing in front of a product and scanning it's bar-code? GPS seems to be for searching ease...

Scott Shaffer said...

Here's an example.

You scan a barcode on a Fergie CD. Fergie's label could send you concert info based on your location.

You're traveling and you need a drugstore. Chances are you don't know the zipcode, so you type in "drugstore" or "CVS" and Slifter would deliver results based on your location.

GPS adds another dimension to search and marketing.