Friday, June 15, 2007

More Free Advertising On Google, But What Other Methods Do You See?

In 2005, I showed examples of how to get free advertising on Google. Since then, companies and individuals are getting even more creative.

I expect to see more examples like these as a way to get free advertising on Google. If I am in one of the cities Google has in their Street View database, I would be thinking of a creative way to incorporate an ad for this.

Do you know what I would do?
Nude Advertising

Naked Lap Dancing Ad angers council. A creative ad that went a bit too far.


An ambitious German programmer decided to create a huge Semacode saying "Hello World!" in a crop field.

Could this advertising open up a new revenue stream for farmers, or for painters on roof tops?
What other creative ways can you think of that can get you free advertising on Google?

Do you know one of the biggest, and it's free?

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