Monday, June 25, 2007

Physical World Connection...SMS 2.0?

TMS Republic have created an interesting way to market 2d barcodes and in the process, have defined Physical World Connection as "SMS 2.0".
Tag Mobile Service (TMS) is the new mobile Service allowing you to find, access, chat, surf and buy contents or products with your mobile phone in just a click. TMS is a Hyperlink to Mobile.

A mobile link between offline and online contents (physical world hyperlink) and is also the link that makes Internet - Web site - and - Mobile site - compatible

The typical method of SMS (text message) is to send a keyword to a short code and get a response. Users can then click for more info.

TMS users can either scan a mobile code with a camera phone and be directed to website OR they can type in the (keyword/keynumber) under the code and be linked directly to that site. The code scanning platform acts as a "direct connect" portal.

This is a great way to market PWC and also solves a couple problems still associated with Physical World Connection? Whose mobile code is this and

When you see a 2D barcode in your favorite Magazine or Web site, you can use the TMS reader to scan it or you can just enter the TMS short code below the 2D barcode to access directly to the services.

The TMS hyperlink is the user friendly bridge between the physical world or the Web and the Mobile phone

Other articles that discuss what TMS is doing with mobile codes.

TMS uses Scanbuy's mobile code scanning platform.

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