Thursday, June 07, 2007

Coca Cola Launches Sprite Yard, A Mobile MySpace

Coca Cola is using Sprite as their brand for innovative mobile marketing campaigns. Sprite Shotcode

Last fall, Coca Cola Mexico placed ShotCodes on 40 million Sprite bottles. Consumers, using their camera phone could scan the circular barcodes, and be connected to the Net. This was the first time ever an on-pack mobile barcode scanning campaign was launched outside of Asia.

From NY Times Coca Cola introduces Sprite Yard , a mobile MySpace

The Coca-Cola Company is hoping its new mobile site for social networking, Sprite Yard, will become the MySpace of the cellphone world.

Sprite Yard, to be introduced in the United States this month, will look a lot like the social networking sites that have become popular on the Internet. Consumers will be able to set up personal profiles, share photos and chat online with friends, all using cellphones rather than computer screens.

The effort launched in China last week and is set to launch in the United States beginning June 22. To access the application, U.S. consumers can text “YARD” to 59666 and receive a reply with a WAP link to access the Sprite Yard for the fist time.

People will type in codes from Sprite bottle caps to redeem original content, like ring tones and short video clips called mobisodes.


Anonymous said...

Feels like it gets a little crowded in the PWC world :-) Many players right now who want´s the brands to put their codes on their products. Your blog starts to feel like a championship among PWC companies. You should start a betting service Scott. Who would you bett on? ;-)

Scott Shaffer said...

I agree. There are quite a few players on the PWC list, and a couple that have yet to announce their entrance.

There are a few that I think have a great shot of making it on their own or being scooped by Google or Microsoft.

This space, along with the players in it, have undergone a major transformation in the last year.

Anonymous said...

It feels lika everyone is waiting on Google to buy some of these companies. Then we now which reader to use in the phone. Right now I think no one understand how to use "barcode scanning" with a phone. Camclic and this Sprite thing sounds a little bit like going in the right direction. Let the users take control over the physical internet.

Anonymous said...

Is ShotCode and CamClic the same company? Both of them seem to be swedish. Is it a Niklas Zennström venture?

Nice blog. A colleague told me to visit and read about 1D scanning with cameraphones. Seems like a jungle of potential companies. Good to have someone sorting them out!

Scott Shaffer said...

ShotCode and CamClic are separate companies.