Thursday, June 14, 2007

Zippi Networks Offers A Mobile eBay

Thanks to Zippi , you can sell your unwanted things with almost no effort whatsoever, other than making a single phone call. Zippi will zip on over, pick everything up and sell it all on eBay for you. They take care of the whole process, start to finish.

What happens if a eBay user could use a camera phone and a product's barcode to add products?Zippi

The newly introduced Zippi Handheld, could open lots of doors for the Physical World Connection space.

Combine the barcode database with eBay function and Zippi offers the equivalent of an anywhere, anything, anytime eBay. In addition, Zippi is already working with Motorola.

Zippi Networks Unveils Mobile Barcode Scanner

Zippi(TM) Networks, Inc., the innovative force empowering a new generation of online sellers, today announced the Zippi Handheld, a 6.5 oz. palmtop device packed with physical world connection features and applications.

Recent deal with PayPal will allow them to process all of Zippi's online auction sales transactions.

The Zippi Handheld at a Glance
-- An Intel XScale 416 MHz processor with 64 MB of SDRAM with a USB 1.1 interface
-- Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium Phone Edition Operating System
-- 6.5 oz. weight with 5 in. length by 2.59 in. width
-- A 2.8 in. backlit QVGA color screen with an active touch screen area of 43.2mm by 57.6mm
-- Wireless WAN radio for data and voice communications with speakerphone, headset and push-to-talk
-- Wireless LAN radio and data for up to 11 Mbps using 802.11b or 54 Mbps for 802.11g standard
-- A 2-Megapixel image capture camera with flash and macrofocus capability
-- Realtime signature capture and submit
-- Embedded GPS with Express GPS connect
-- A bar code reader that decodes 1D above 8Mil and 2D above 15Mil
-- A rechargeable Lithium Ion 3.7V main battery capable of lasting an 8-hour "shift"
-- Voice capture

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