Friday, June 01, 2007

Prince And Verizon Use Physical World Connection For Mobile Marketing

Prince is giving away the first single from an upcoming album to Verizon users.

Prince's new single "Guitar" became downloadable on Thursday to Verizon Wireless phones to customers who use the service provider's new V Cast song ID feature, which identifies songs for listeners who hold their phone next to a speaker. (The phone sends the machine readable identifier (song) to be resolved and then content is delivered to the phone---- that's Physical World Connection.

The song is the physical world hyperlink. Artists will be able to link their song to a website or content. A song becomes a URL.

Fans who download the free ID feature can then go to Web sites such as, or to play the video from the Prince single holding the phone close by. (Great way of tying in the social networks)

The phone will then provide information about the song and an option to download it wirelessly on the spot.

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