Sunday, September 11, 2005

Free Advertising On Google?

I posed a question to Pondering Primate readers last week. There's an ingenious form of advertising that is pictured in the October issue of Technology Review magazine that made me do a double-take.

An astute PP reader guessed it... The answer TARGET

Target painted their logo on the top of their store and it is clearly visible when using Google Earth.

A Pondering Primate Possibility, could owners of buildings use the top of their rooftops and sell advertising?

Would this be a way to get free advertising on Google?

the picture Taken with camera phone.

By painting their logo on the top of their stores, TARGET has found a way to get free advertising on one of Google services, Google Earth.

In an age where branding is placing a bigger role in advertising and physical retailers are fighting off online retailers, TARGET has done something so simple that allows them to get their logo on hundreds/thousands of Google searches.

Is this an accident, or creativity at work? I don't know how effective this would be for plane travelers, so I assume they took this opportunity to get their logo exposed with Google.

Instead of searching for Target stores wih Google, Target has visibly "tagged" their locations with their logo on rooftop.

Will Google start to charge for this?

Will other brands discover this great idea and adopt it?

I'm thinking of the Golden Arches, a Big K, auto dealerships, Costco.

It probably makes more sense for retailers, but other industries could follow suit.

Thoughts comments?


Anonymous said...

How about a logo or business name with a large barcode. Could a camera phone with a good zoom lens read it and take the flying public to their website. Oh yeah thats what Im talking about.
Get Er Done

Anonymous said...

Better yet
How about a large photograph on the roof to read with Mobot tech.
Oh Yeah I can feel the rumble under my feet

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, like Google could charge for that.

Also, how efficient will it be when there are 100000 rooftops screaming up at you with a message.

And who the hell is target what do you sell or do?

Get a listing for Google Earths layers, then people will see you when they are looking for your product, that's money well spent (if they charged for it)

No Name said...

Think of this as product placement within a highly used product offering from Google.

Wouldn't YOU take advantage of free advertising?

Paramjeet said...
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Paramjeet said...

Hey Guys This is a Googlian Blogs//
How about a large photograph on the roof to read with Mobot tech//*****************************************************************************************************

Anonymous said...

I Like the Advertising and marketing.