Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ford IronMan World Championship 70.3

Time to take a break from pondering about physical world connection and exercise the other muscles.

Earlier this year I qualified for a slot for the Ford IronMan World Championship 70.3. This is the race where the top 2000 triathletes put it on the line.

Pete, the TRIMONKEE will be making his debut there too.
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Some of my friends from all parts of the world will be there.

You can follow the action live Saturday morning. My race number is 739

It is such a treat to be surrounded by 2000 of the nicest Type A personalities, (and their families), who see how far they can push themselves physically.


Dennis said...

Everytime I hear you do ironman competitions I get this mixed sensation of jealousy and awe. Good luck and have fun!

Scott Shaffer said...

There's a feeling that can't be described when you cross the finish line in one of these races.