Tuesday, November 14, 2006

DSPV Offers A Mobile Visual Search Engine

Add DSPV , and their mobile visual search engine platform to the physical world connection list.

They describe their platform as a "visual Google".

Images will act as physical world hyperlinks, and the camera/software on the mobile phone will provide a "broswer". Simply point and click and a camera phone user will be connected to the Net. This space/application has started to heat up.

Google recently acquired Neven Vision.

DSPV has developed unique, patented server-side technology that provides a full camera-based visual search and retrieval solution.

A mobile visual search platform on a camera phone. Instead of typing URLS, just click on an image and be directed to targeted content.

The mobile phone's camera is used to select an object of interest (advertisement, photo, commercial logo, URL etc.) and the relevant content is retrieved.

Effectively any visual object appearing in print or displayed on a computer/TV screen can thus serve as a "banner" which can be linked to mobile content, where picture-taking replaces the ubiquitous "mouse click".

Tsi Lev, CEO of DSPV demonstrates DSPV's visual search engine using a camera phone on Israel High Tech TV

Specifically designed to avoid software installation or modifications to the phones, the visual search engine works on MMS photos and 3G video-calls. On 3G handsets, the video-call mobile search provides a natural extension to present day interactive voice response (IVR).

See their technology video from the Telecom 2006 show.

Craze Productions is planning to enable consumers (using DSPV technology) to download and preview mobile content from printed ads and posters promoting artists working for Craze Productions, which describes itself as being, “the first, exclusively digital, global record label”.

Defining yourself as a "visual Google" is probably the easiest way to explain your application. Here's another company that is doing that.

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HI Scott, I am a big fan of this and the work DSPV and Craze have been doing with Sky. I interviewed Sam Kleinman at World Telemedia and the podcast is available at http://www.bkimedia.com bena