Monday, November 13, 2006

Enpocket Wins Best Mobile Marketing Award

Congratulations go out to Enpocket .

They realized that there is more to a TV show and mobile marketing campaign than guessing how much currency is in a suitcase, or who gets fired .

While American Idol was the pioneer text messaging contest in the US, it was far from American Ideal

From Panasonic Broadcast Enpocket wins mobile marketing award

Enpocket , the Intelligent Mobile Marketing(TM) company, has been selected as a winner in the Best Mobile Marketing Campaign category at the 2006 MITX Awards for its work with the A&E Network.

Enpocket created a unique mobile marketing program that engaged viewers of the popular A&E show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" with entertaining interactions that enabled viewers to exchange quips with show's main character via text messaging and also reminded fans to watch the show.

How many mobile marketing campaigns do you see today that go beyond engaging?

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