Monday, November 13, 2006

Physical World Connection Is One Hot Trend

It is sometimes referred to as the "Internet of things" or in this case "thing connection", I refer to it as physical world connection PWC. PWC is being labeled as a "hot trend".

A physical object doesn't have to have a mobile phone to connect to the net, it just needs a physical world hyperlink (PWH) and a network connection.

Scan a bar code, read an RFID tag, recognize a sound or image (there are a few others that are a little too futuristic to talk about now) long as the physical world browser can resolve the PWH and connect the Net, you have physical world connection.

From Scanblog 10 Hot Trends

The Innovation Lab is in Denmark and refers to itself as "the Nordic observation post for the technologies of the future."

3. THING CONNECTION Thing Connection is the keystone of the 4A concept – Anytime connection, Anywhere connection, Anything connection – by Anyone. Otherwise known as ”An internet of things” – in other words: when things communicate with each other.

The full list

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