Monday, November 20, 2006

Nokia's MARA Connects The Physical World Via Mobile

Earlier this year I was asked by Nokia to give a presentation on what the "Mobile Internet" will look like. A lot of the ideas will seem familiar to PP readers .

From M.I.T. Technology Review Hyperlinking Reality via Phones

Nokia researchers are working on a system that allows physical objects to be identified and connected to the Internet through mobile-phone screens.

A Nokia research project could one day make it easier to navigate the real world by superimposing virtual information on an image of your surroundings. The new software, called Mobile Augmented Reality Applications (MARA), is designed to identify objects viewed on the screen of a camera phone.

The Nokia research team has demonstrated a prototype phone equipped with MARA software and the appropriate hardware: a global positioning system (GPS), an accelerometer, and a compass.

The souped-up phone is able to identify restaurants, hotels, and landmarks and provide Web links and basic information about these objects on the phone's screen

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