Monday, November 20, 2006

Text-To-Buy Will Soon Be Replaced With Click-To-Buy

Which is easier, typing a Web address or clicking on a hyperlink. Texting is the equivalent of typing in a URL, but scanning a 2d code is hyperlinking.

For now shortcodes and keywords offer the Text-To-Buy function. Who has the ability to offer multiple functions for a shortcode?

Soon an mCode , a ShotCode , or an EZcode will offer the ability to connect directly with an advertisement without typing.

2d codes will replace shortcodes as the new mcommerce tool.

From BrandWeek Publishers test out text-to-buy feature

Thanks to a new technology from a New York firm called ShopText and eBay unit PayPal, consumers this holiday season have the option of buying and sampling some products with their cell phones.

Magazines like Details, CosmoGIRL!, Glamour and Brides are rolling out ads with short codes for text-to-buy transactions. ShopText also worked with Lucky magazine for a program in the publication's September issue.

Could you envision the first Interactive Magazine?


Anonymous said...


I hope you are right about this - from a users' perspective Click-to-Buy or Click-to-Learn are preferable to texting. Once available, user adoption will take some time and will largely depend upon industry's ability to deliver compelling value. Even before we can begin the climb, however, there are some significant business challenges that must be sorted out. How will the carriers monetize it? If that isn't addressed, they will be loathe to opening up the critical cameraphone and other API's necessary for ease-of-use. Which code format(s) will emerge as standards? It is unrealistic to assume that consumers and carriers will be satisfied with multiple code scanners on each device. Will the owners/creators of the various 2D formats allow their codes to be read by a single application, thereby enabling direct competitors? I like what appears to be your vision of an end-game but am somewhat pessimistic that these hurdles can be crossed anytime soon.

Roger said...

Hi Scott,
Check this out:

Buying either via SMS or QR Code. Mobile Payment solution from Postfinance. Works well on Windows Mobile phones and some Sony Ericsson. We will certainly talk about it soon on

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that either 2d codes and/or RFID tags will replace the short codes for print media, physical links, and arguably television. However, I have a hard time understanding if and how short codes and texting will be replaced when it comes to radio, billboards, and television if the varying screen size of televisions make it difficult to read the QR codes through camera phones. Any ideas?

Scott Shaffer said...

Radio and billboards will use some location based function. I don't see clicking on a 2d code on a billboard, but keying in a specific word along with your location will deliver the targetd results.

TV is another story. Your remote control will be able to click on an image or a specific item for more information. Microsoft is already working on placing hyperlinks in video.

Click on that new Benz ad and your location is already given. Soon each viewer will be able to have ads targeted to them.