Monday, November 06, 2006

Google Offers Print AdWords..Next Up, Linking AdWords To Specific Websites

Google is going physical, they are starting to offer AdWord advertising in newspapers. The next service they offer is linking specific keywords in physical advertising to websites.

I see Google begin to offer advertisers the ability to link directly to their site using these AdWords, but instead they will be called "LinkWords". A separate function on Google's homepage will be offered called "LINK".

Because Google's SE is the search engine of choice, and everyone knows how to get there, advertisers will pay a premium for a specific AdWord (called LinkWord), and they can use this "LinkWord" to get traffic to a specific website in Google's "LINK" option.

This is perfect for those times when you don't want to search, you want to find. But you also don't want to lose the ability to search.

An AOL keyword links a user to a specific site but AOL is in a closed network because only AOL members can use these keywords. Google LinkWords will provide this same function as an AOL keyword, but in what is becoming the biggest network, as an addition in their menu (News, Images, Froogle etc)

From USA Today Google expands advertising to newspapers

How it works: Google sells search advertising at its site, where businesses bid on the search term ("Florida insurance" "Detroit lawyer") they want. The more people interested in the term, the more expensive it is.

Google will add a "newspaper advertising" tab in AdWords that will let businesses bid on buying advertising space in newspapers, in a variety of sizes. Customers will get tools to upload photos and type in information to create an ad on the spot, then they can send it directly to the newspaper.

When Google gets serious about the mobile, they will dominate the mobile marketing industry with this LINK function. Not only will they offer the ability to link specific keywords to websites, but soon they will offer ANYONE the ability to create a physical world hyperlink to place on any form of advertising.

Than means anyone (consumer aor advertiser,) will be able to self generate a hyperlink (LinkWord, Keyword, 2d code) and any physical object can be connected to the Internet.

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