Monday, November 27, 2006

Motorola Connects Physical World In China With MOTOMING

Motorola offers an embedded physical world connection browser. A QR code reading application already on the camera phone will provide the tipping point for physical world connection.

This application allows any QR code (physical world hyperlink) on any physical object, to be connected to the Internet. If phones will be coming with 2d code scanning preinstalled (a commodity), then the value lies in the creative functions for them.

What company has the ability to link literally millions of QR codes to targeted websites overnight?

From Slashphone 2 million MOTOMING units shipped in China

The latest refresh of MOTOMING features all the superior functions that have made it a winner in the industry, but also includes a few new surprises inside. At the top of the list is a new push-email feature that is compliant with China Mobile’s service, enabling phone users to have emails delivered directly to their MOTOMING, rather than having to retrieve them.

China Mobile just introduced a QR code mobile campaign

Other additions include built in “Air-Sync,” making the MOTOMING capable of synching with Microsoft Exchang® for easy organization, and built-in QR Code software, which greatly simplifies the task of making entries into the handset’s address book and WAP sites.

These guys are one step away from physical world connection domination.

Nokia already has a deal with Google and China Mobile.

QR codes will replace keywords for mobile marketing.

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