Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is AcrNum The "Real Names" Or "Real Numbers" For Mobile?

Instead of trying to get carriers to adopt a platform, or handsets to embed specific software, AcrNum has created a great service for the mobile marketing and search industry.

This concept is so simple, AcrNum has compiled a registry of over 1700 domains that contain up to 6 numbers. They match a desired word with a number. That "" on a mobile browser is directed to a specific WAP site.

Here's an example, typing (ESPN) on your mobile browser could link you directly to Because this is a dynamic function, will redirect the user to various WAP sites depending on time, location and ESPN's choice.

AcrNum, like acronym but with numbers.

I referred to this concept as a "Mobile Real Names". A few years ago, there was a company called Real Names that allowed you to type in a word (without the www or .com) in the browser window and be directed to a specific site. Microsoft had ties to the company.

AcrNum is a company designed to create a new wave in mobile Internet access for consumers. They start with access. They substitute numbers for letters in domain names to create a branded and easily recognized way to get content through your mobile browser -

The key selling points are: there is no application to download, the WAP site can be accessed from ANY Web-enabled mobile phone, from any country, with ANY carrier.

As an example, YAHOO is 92466 on your mobile keypad. Where most mobile agencies are trying to get the most memorable shortcodes for their text messaging service (4INFO is 44636, QTAGS 78247), AcrNum saw the potential in identifying a domain with a number.

AcrNum currently owns in excess of 1,750 numeric domains comprised of 975 that are specifically targeted to the automotive sector and over 700 generic and potentially brand specific domains. Yes that seems limited at first, but theses guys are creative and have already found ways to expand that.

For example, the sequence 3776 can represent 144 (3 x 4 x 4 x 3) potential alpha URLs. Of the 144 possible combinations, over 120 are current registed domains and therefore potential clients for AcrNum's mobile Internet development services.

AcrNum has Tribune Media Services, and their 120 newspapers as a venture partner.

Their first campaign allows mobile users to go to for Michael Mepham's Sudoku puzzle. This direct-to-consumer service is one of the first to offer direct access to mobile content by using a numeric domain name.


d3cycling said...

Similar to

Is the business model based on selling the domain name to a company with a matching brand?

Scott Shaffer said...

The concept is the same, their business model varies (per click, domain).
There can be a few names to one specific number.