Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What Does Yahoo's Print Advertising Mean For Mobile

Yahoo introduces TEXT keywords and 92466 (YAHOO) as a way for advertisers to link print ads to the Internet. How long before we see that press release?

All of the focus with Yahoo Print stories this week has been on the effects it could have on the newspaper industry, but did you ever think what it could do Yahoo's mobile advertising?

I don't think people are seeing the real convergence that is taking place.

TEXT keywords will allow advertisers to place a word or code on every print ad, that when sent to 92466 (YAHOO) as a text message, targted information or URL will sent back to consumer.

I called them LINK words for the Internet, but TEXT keywords seems appropriate for the the print industry.

Can Yahoo generate even more revenue by selling an advertiser a TEXT keyword to be included in their print ad?

Every classifed , real estate listing, personal ad, local merchant and regular print ad could include their TEXT keyword. Instead of the usual "go to www. ", a simple TEXT keyword will allow a consumer to be directed to a specific site, or receive information.

When Yahoo announced a partnership for classified advertising with a group of 176 newspapers, I could see where this will leads to. Gannet, owner of USA Today newspaper saw a great opportunity with 4INFO

Under the deal announced Monday, seven companies that collectively publish daily papers in 38 states are betting Yahoo's technological prowess and huge Internet audience will help them turn online advertising into a lucrative opportunity instead of a dire financial threat.

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