Tuesday, November 14, 2006

RFID And Cell Phone Offer Movie Tickets And More

Which physical world hyperlink will get adopted first, the 2d code or the RFID tag?

Nokia is producing an RFID phone and Microsoft is developing an RFID browser.

From RFID Weblog RFID movie tickets for you

SK Telecom has come up with a new system which would simply take movie ticket counters out of the picture.

Called the U-theater service, all you need to do is go in front of the poster of the movie you intend to watch and use your mobile phone for scanning RFID tag on the poster and reserve a ticket for yourself.

Besides this you can also watch video clips and set the music of the movie as your ring tone. When your ticket is confirmed you will get a confirmation number which would be sent on your phone. It so simple!!

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