Thursday, November 02, 2006

UpCode Connects A Camera Phone And The Physical World

Add UpCode to the physical world connection list.

UpCode™ is revolutionary and interactive. It is an optical code reader that uses mobile phones/devices to add any electronic information or system to printed product

UpCode Solutions Ltd. is a marketing company specialising in mobile marketing applications and concepts. UpCode marketing concepts are based on the UpCode™ technology.

Now everybody can have their own UpCode. Order Your code and we will connect it to Your wap site. Now Your friends and family will have easy access to Your site where ever they are.

Nice find Semapedia


Stan Wiechers said...

There are other readers and companies doing exactly the same. I was trying to point out that using IDs instead of URLs is NOT A GOOD PRACTICE since it is locking out other readers who are using the same technology because of there proprietary ID mapping. How good is for you as company that wants to market its services and content that is only accesible by a certain readers?

Anonymous said...

There are circumstances where you would want to limit access to info imbedded in a barcode to those with clearance--corporate or government environments for example. On the other hand, the key to mass adoption remains availability of a universal reader that can be "turned on" to read the most prevalent, pervasive barcodes...for a fee of course. So, who's going to do this first?

Stan Wiechers said...

Yes reader for both Datamatrix and QR code containing URLs would are great. The new nokia handsets such as the n93 and n95 have that.

One thing of course there will be NO FEE for decoding. You make money with the content and services.