Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Visa Testing Bar Codes For Mobile Payment

Physical World Connection Commerce is coming.

How long before wireless carriers offer a credit division? NTT DoCoMo already did.

I see Visa or Amex teaming up with a carrier and "branding" a phone. Example, "Visa, the official credit card of Sprint".
Eventually minutes will be free and the data packages/applications will be the selling points for carriers.

Minutes are added to frequent flyer miles? See the marketing possibilities?

Do you remember what does American Express used for their slogan????

What is it that you never leave home without now?

From Mobile Tech News Visa launches pilot mobile barcode payment program

Visa is now testing the delivery of mobile payment coupons and rewards via text message, graphic and bar code images direct to consumers' mobile devices.

The pilot, which is scheduled to launch in November with approximately 500 Visa employees in California, is expected to expand to public trials over the next year. Pilot participants will receive payment coupons and rewards that can be redeemed at on-site cafes located at Visa's corporate campus

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Apparently a day for mobile payments...just released about Cingular looking to use software from Firethorn Holdings to tie in to mobile users' existing bank accounts.

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