Friday, November 03, 2006

Swisscom Mobile Offers Bar Code Scanning

It is nice to see a wireless carrier, instead of a brand or a mobile marketing agency, offer a barcode scanning application. How long before we see other carriers tap into this revolutionary technology.

Swisscom Mobile is offering Mobile Tagging to their customers.

What is "mobile tagging"?

This is the name of the new technology that provides direct access to content such as games, music, videos and websites over the mobile phone by scanning a bar code.

Content is accessed by photographing tags (barcodes) using a mobile phone camera. I call it "physical world connection".

Just download the software to your mobile phone, photograph the tag with your mobile phone camera and, depending on the content, view, listen to or read the media file.

The tags can be photographed directly from the newspaper or the PC screen. All you need is a mobile phone with integrated camera and Kaywa software, which you can download free of charge.

What does this data matrix code say? :)

Generate your own tags here

Great find by Mobile Barcode


Jérôme said...

Google would like to see...

Scott Shaffer said...

Want to see what it says?

click here
for the free download.

Anonymous said...

... how you can conquer...