Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2d Codes Offer More Than Just Another Dimension

Will the 1d code (barcode) and applications for it, become extinct?

One industry is adopting 2d codes because of improved density, and another (mobile marketing) is adopting them because of camera phone limitations.

From Yahoo News Info needs and legislative drivers propel 2d code adoption in North America

The increasing numbers of trade partners within supply chains that usually tend to be geographically disconnected is heightening the requirement for enhanced information flow to accompany individual items during transit.

This need for improved data density capability is compelling verticals to naturally progress from one-dimensional (1D) barcode scanners to two-dimensional (2D) scanners, since they are inherently portable and have data-dense symbologies

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan ( ), Migration of 1D to 2D Barcode Scanners Market in North America, reveals that the market expects to earn revenues of $968.2 million in 2012.

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