Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ALONG Mobile And Gmedia Deliver 2D Mobile Barcodes In China

ALONG Mobile Technologies Inc. , a leading provider of wireless interactive entertainment products and services in China, is pleased to announce its cooperation with Gmedia to achieve the purpose of expanding its marketing strategy.

Gmedia recently announced mobile bar code scanning with China Mobile. It sure is nice to have a wireless carrier promote a bar code scanning application instead of having a portal or brand do the heavy lifting.

Gmedia establishes nationwide sales channel for 2D barcode while China Mobile enables the decoder software installed in the mobile phone.

Holding 6 pending patents in mobile barcode technologies, Gmedia pioneers the cross media marketing innovations which enable the barcode visitor tracking so that the ad effect can be measured and personalized marketing can be realized. Clients include brands such as Dell ,IBM ,VW Volvo , and Citroen advertisers and SMEs who use the 2D barcode in their print ad, brochure, posters, packaging, business card, etc to get the customer interaction through mobile phone.

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