Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Ambulance Chasing On The Internet

Still think last weeks Geico/Google decision was fair?

From CBS MArketwatch Attorneys bid up keyword Celebrex.

Last weeks court ruling in favor of Google over Geico was a mistake in my opinion.

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) - Keywords can be like momentum stocks.

They can triple in day or two, especially when personal-injury lawyers get involved.

How much of those revenues are going to the trademark owner?

The argument for the Google/Geico case was that users wouldn't be confused between Geico and other insurance companies. So explain how a personal injury lawyer and an arthritis drug are related.

This would be a great way to implement tort reform on the Net.

That's the case with the keyword Celebrex, the name of Pfizer's (PFE: news, chart, profile) best-selling arthritis drug. Last Friday, the Food and Drug Administration said it was considering regulatory measures that could require Pfizer to put warnings on the label or withdraw the drug in the U.S.

That day, the keyword Celebrex was worth 95 cents to advertisers on Yahoo's (YHOO: news, chart, profile) Overture.

As this column noted on Friday, this keyword might become one of the hottest keywords to bid on.

Not to worry, trademark owners will be able to take back their words soon enough, stay tuned.

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