Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Google VP of Operations wants to go mobile.

From Silicon Mobile market failing to address web

01.12.2004 - Despite being one of the fastest growing communications tools in history, the mobile phone market is failing to grasp the potential of the internet due to too many standards and differing platforms and choices by operators, the vice-president of operations at Google told in Dublin yesterday.

However, Hoelze is optimistic. “The web part of it is becoming better and people will start using it more and more from wherever they are – searches are basically question answering functions. Just as we see broadband users make more frequent use of search than modem users, the more simplistic it becomes to access the information you want wherever you are that will lead to the big explosion in mobile connectivity.

Question is, how does Google tap into the mobile space? Through SMS? or do they create their own OS?
Search takes on a whole new approach when done with a mobile phone versus the pc.

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