Thursday, December 09, 2004

Better Than 2 For 1..Its Free!!

Now this is what I call a great mobile/permission marketing campaign.

From Revolution Mag. Pitcher&Piano offers free booze in mobile campaign. Thanks Adverblog.

LONDON - The Pitcher & Piano chain of bars has turned to mobile SMS marketing for the first time, after looking for a more immediate way of bringing in customers.

Pitcher & Piano has hired mobile marketing agency MindMatics for a campaign covering its bars in Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol, Richmond and London.

The first phase of the strategy, which is gathering data, has been launched and will see existing customers offered the chance to win a prize if they text their name and postcode to a shortcode. Tristram Hillier, marketing manager at Pitcher & Piano, said: "Unlike other types of marketing, mobile gives us an edge through its immediate impact, so our brand is still fresh in customers' minds when they go out. Flyers, posters and other methods can't deliver this."

In the second phase, these people will be sent another text offering them a free bottle of wine if three of their friends send in their details.

The third phase will come in the New Year, with individual bar managers able to send texts to newly collected database. This will be used to send special offers that will tempt customers in to the bar.

SMS gives them a fast-acting and effective medium for optimising customer relations."

Bingo..make it rewarding and people forget its advertising. Smart idea guys.

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Anonymous said...

This is like building a pyramid from the top down...if it works.