Friday, December 10, 2004

It All Boils Down To This

Mobile marketing, M-Commerce, mobile content, increasing service provider ARPU.. It all comes down to this.

Qualcom "gets it"..

From Internet News Qualcomm sings Opera for M-Commerce.

The San Diego-based firm has sought the help of alternative Web browser maker Opera Software to offer contextual shopping on BREW-enabled handsets.

Contextual paid listings are the bread and butter for the search industry. Applications like Google's AdSense and use enhanced targeting capabilities and powerful new bidding and analysis tools to raise the value of search as a promotional channel.

Opera, whose free browser offers up advertisements on the desktop, is looking to bring the lucrative contextual advertising market to the handset.

There will be an infrastructure for a brand new industry that combines 2 others (advertising and commerce).

Advertising and commerce are merging into one, on the cell phone.

To give you an analogy, imagine youre the first TV channel and everyone already has a TV. Combine it with the fact you have the first credit card processing device....but now its mobile, ubiquitous...EVERYWHERE.

Advertisers use the screen, along with any interaction on their products and the cell phone use the purchasing mechanism.

Who will implement this first?


Anonymous said...

simple answer: NEOM...flight is leaving...get on while you can...jt

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