Thursday, December 30, 2004

When It Absolutely, Positively, Has To Be Tracked

From Business Wire Real time container tracking solution.

Coruscant Tec, India's leading Mobile Solutions Company has been appointed by the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) to develop and support the port's container tracking system using SMS. Coruscant Tec has developed an SMS (Short Messaging Service) alert system, which integrates with the JNPT customer database. The solution works on the 'Pull' SMS application allowing customers via a short code to learn the status of their consignments on a real time basis.

The system developed specially for JNPT allows its customers to punch in from their mobile handsets a predefined unique number that enables them to know where the container is presently. The alert is then is triggered to the JNPT database which is then sent back to the customers via the application built by Coruscant Tec.

The application will pick up the container status from the JNPT database on a real time basis on receiving a request from a Customer for container status. Each container will have a unique container number known to the customer for tracking purposes

The system helps the customers to locate the containers at any time during its transit through the port. This information will be available once the container enters the port and up to 8 days of its exit from the port.”

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