Sunday, December 19, 2004

Down Under Seems To Be On Top

From The Age Sensis confident of online advertising success.

The internet search engine titans, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!, are locked in a desperate struggle for mastery of what is expected to be a trillion-dollar online advertising market.

"The winner in this market will be the organisation that can collect and organise the content most efficiently and be able to publish it in many forms - voice, wireless (for handheld wireless computers and mobile phones), PC internet and print," said Greg Ellis, general manager of Sensis Search.

Sensis knows where every Australian lives, through its Yellow and White Pages databases and also operates Whereis, CitySearch and Trading Post covering media from print to mobile wireless.

They have combined the physical address and the mobile address. The user can be reached anywhere at anytime.

"My competitors today - Yahoo!, Google and ninemsn are the top three - cannot do all that. They do not own the information the public seeks," he said.

Wireless is the waking giant in communications. Mobile phones already outnumber fixed lines in Australia and the carriers are straining to expand their networks.

So wake up advertisers, this is your next growth opportunity.

Growth today is in mobile broadband, called 3G (third generation) networks.

"Google in Australia has about 6 million unique users, but they are mainly looking for library-style information - Britney Spears, Napoleon's diary or who played the Wookie in Star Wars," he said.

Library-style information versus real world information.. How will Google do that?

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