Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Think The Baby Bells Saw This Coming?

From Mobile Pipeline Sprint. Time Warner in cable-cell phone deal.

By The Associated Press Mobile Pipeline

Time Warner Cable is reportedly working with Sprint Corp. on a deal that would allow the cable provider to offer cellphone service on a trial basis next year.

The deal would put the unit of Time Warner Inc. in a class all its own as the only major cable company to offer cellular service, and would give the two companies stakes in television, high-speed Internet access and wired and wireless phone service, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Representatives from both companies confirmed that talks are underway but would not say if a deal was imminent, as the newspaper reported.

The service would be limited to Kansas City, Mo., in the first quarter of 2005, but could expand.

Time Warner is the country's second-largest cable operator with nearly 11 million subscribers.

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Earle said...

This is a great move by Sprint and can be seen as a direct method to compete with Verison Wireless. Since TW's cable network overlap's Verizon's wireless network here in the US nationwide.