Friday, December 03, 2004

What Happens When The Traffic Shifts To Mobile?

From BBC News Broadband challenges TV viewing

The number of Europeans with broadband has exploded over the past 12 months, with the web eating into TV viewing habits, research suggests.
The popularity of the net has meant that many are turning away from TV, say analysts Jupiter Research.

It found that a quarter of web users said they spent less time watching TV in favour of the net
It said TV companies faced a major long-term threat over the next five years, with broadband predicted to grow from 19% to 37% of households by 2009. Unless internet access comes through the TV. That could be a powerful combo. You have to wonder why Bill G loves cable so much..

"Year-on-year we are continuing to see a seismic shift in where, when and how Europe's population consume media for information and entertainment and this has big implications for TV, newspaper and radio," said Jupiter Research analyst Olivier Beauvillian.

But what happens when the traffic from mobile devices overtakes the PC? There are now more mobile devices connected to the internet than PC's. The inevitable is coming, and advertisers will have to find a way to advertise to this medium.

Industry experts are now finally realizing search engines and the pay-per-click model is the killer app for internet advertising for the PC. But what is the killer app for mobile advertising?

How will advertisers be able to interact with the mobile user on that little screen?

What will make a mobile user want to connect to the net, allow a one-on-one connection with an advertiser?

Search was/is the best form of advertising for the switch from TV to the net, what will be the application that captures the eyeballs for the mobile?

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