Friday, March 11, 2005

2D Codes Connecting To The Internet

This is a two part story involving 2D codes being connected to the Internet through a cameraphone.

First from Alan Reiter's CameraPhone Report.

NEW YORK - March 11, 2005 - SS+K (Shepardson Stern + Kaminsky), a creatively-driven strategic communications firm based in New York, and Semacode Corporation, an ubiquitous computing technology company based near Toronto, announced an agreement that will have SS+K incorporate Semacode technology in selected 2005 marketing campaigns. The agreement follows on a successful partnership between the two companies last year on behalf of Qwest Communications International Inc.

"Our partnership with SS+K is another opportunity to demonstrate the power of our URL Barcodes and software to extend computing into the real world - this time through highly creative marketing programs," said Simon Woodside, founder of Semacode.

The second part is that the Economist Magazine will be publishing a report in this weeks issue called Phones with Eyes.

HAVE you sent a picture message from your camera-phone lately? No, we didn't think so. Mobile operators had hoped that the popularity of text messages—over 2 billion of which are sent every day worldwide—would lead naturally to a boom in picture messaging, where you pay a bit more to send a photo along with your words.…

Looks like Howard Rheingold's vision of physical objects being connected to the Internet is becoming a reality.

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