Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Search Engine Marketing Has Competition

From Growth in mobile marketing services competes with Internet marketing.

With the ever increasing number of mobile users and the variety of services available on the mobile, a new marketing tool has evolved in Jordan

'The mobile phone has opened new horizons for the business sector in Jordan,' said Fastlink Data Services Manager Ziad Masri on mobile marketing. He said many businesses have been able to cut down on their promotional expenses by using the mobile to advertise their services and products. Not only that, but mobile marketing has proved more effective, according to Masri, as it communicates quickly and directly with potential customers in addition to reaching targeted potential customers effectively.

Did you see that search engines?

This evolving medium of using the SMS to communicate promotional messages has inspired Fastlink to continue efforts towards develop some added value services, which allow customers to achieve the optimal benefit of the mobile's applications as well as to find ways to expand the advantages of the device to cover other sectors such as the business, social and health sectors in addition to entertainment.

'The mobile has surpassed its role as a basic communications device to a multi-purpose, multi-media tool,' he added.

Could it be the reason for this ?.

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