Friday, March 04, 2005

More What Google Should Do

If Google becomes the resolution server for this new registry. I see how the pay-per-click becomes more efficient and the emphasis changes.
The value of the click changes.

The emphasis shifts from how may times a user went to the site to what device and from what identifier. This shift will provide a much more effective way to determine what advertising campaign is working AND what identifier created the most traffic.

For examples of what identifers are and how a company like 7-Up could use them are here.

Which identifier (texting "UPYOURS, the barcode on every 7-Up can) and what device (PC or mobile) generated the most traffic.

AS a brand manager I can guage the most efficient form of advertising and adjust accordingly.
Let's say 7-Up registers the keyword "UPYOURS", "UPURS", and all of their barcodes on 7-Up cans. They decide to place "UPYOURS" in all print advertising, and "UPURS" in all TV or radio. Not only can the advertiser provide a direct connection to the targeted site, but they can also see what ad campaign in more effective.

The pay-per-click isn't the only way to het to a targeted site anymore. A site can be accessed through a barcode, a 2D code or registered word.

Search engines have to realize this.


Anonymous said...


As always, you understand better than most what Google can do to dominate the next phase of the internet. By incorporating keyword search into their existing search, they can effortlessly move into mobile navigation. I finally realize that the data mined from the mobile internet will be worth much more to the Brands than any of the current data. Getting a customer is just the first step in making that customer into a lifetime customer. The point of purchase is where the true decision making is being done. Why do you think Google would be more interested in this than Microsoft? What makes Google the more likely winner in this race?

Scott Shaffer said...

Google is ahead of the curve. They are creative, hiring some of the top sftwr guys from MSFT. They have become THE place for the advertising dollar. If you ask 10 people on the street what search engine do you use, chances are 7 plus say Google. Ask those same people HOW to get to MSFT search page...huh?
I have to believe Google knows mobile is where the advertising dollar is going. Their problem is they don't have an operating system or a browser that would allow penetration.
They could create a search toolbar for the mobile, but the key is to have the platform on the phone BEFORE the customer buys and ge service provider support.

I have stated in prior posts why MSFT is asleep at the wheel. Too big, too slow. Surely they realize there are more mobiles sold than PC's now. And Internet traffic volume thru the phone will eclipse the traffic thru PC soon.

Brands are looking for a way to interact with the consumer.

I don't know who sees it first, MSFT or GOOG, but the winner could dominate mobile advertising when they do.