Monday, March 14, 2005

AOL Says "Me Too!"

From NetImperative AOL targets high ground in mobile market.

The world's largest ISP has been haemorrhaging subscribers of late. But now it seeks to stem the flow by launching into the mobile sector
AOL has announced the launch of a raft of new mobile services in the USA, including streaming music and navigation features for phones.

The announcement was made at the CTIA wireless show in New Orleans, at which Sean 'P Diddy' Combs - rapper, producer and chairman of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group - was keynote speaker.

AOL debuted a range of new mobile services at the show including one that allows users to swap and organise photos, and another that will give users access to MapQuest services, which offers map downloads, direction services and location finders.

Meanwhile, the company is also developing a mobile version of Radio(at)AOL, a streaming music application that will allow users to access FM-quality music over their phones. While radio applications in phones are now almost commonplace in the UK, the US market is still largely restricted to ring-tones.

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