Thursday, March 31, 2005

Encryption For SMS

From Sify Now, secure your SMS with XMS .

Pune: Mobile messaging is in. So is the hacking of these messages.

A Pune-based company has launched a secure messaging product called Xecure Messaging System (XMS) that provides an inbuilt safeguard against the misuse of messages sent through the Short Message Service (SMS).

With a number of service providers, especially banks and financial institutions, going that extra mile in giving good service to their customer through services like mobile banking, the need for a secure messaging service gains more importance.

A Pune-based company, Network Security Solutions (NSS)has now taken a step towards achieving this end by launching a secure messaging product.

The message can be securely encrypted and transmitted so that only the designated recipient of this message is able to open this message and understand what it contains, says Rajendra Dave, Chief Operating Officer of NSS.

The XMS system is presently compatible with GSM phones, but within three months even CDMA phones would be XMS compatible.


Anonymous said...

I went to the Link of the Company which offer the SMS encryption tool.

When I clicked on the Link to buy online I got an error message.

Maybe some Government scam??
I do not trust them. It's just a feeling, so don't give to much on it.

Good Luck

Remember: In this days you cannot trust anybody on the Net!

Vlad Alexa said...

for Iphone you can use the TXTcrypt application here