Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Forrester's CIO Gets It

Forrester's CIO/CTO George Orlov Sees It
From SearchCIO.com A CIO Conversation w/ Forrester's George Orlov.

George Orlov took over the role of CIO/CTO at Forrester Research in late December. He is in the unusual position of having to guarantee that the company's IT strategy reflects the advice and research the firm provides to its clients. In an interview with SearchCIO, Orlov discussed his 2005 priorities and his plans to stay connected with the business side of the house.

Colony has said that today's Internet is "dumb, boring and isolated." Have you been directed to set up systems for a better, more interactive Internet?

Orlov: I'm actively pursuing it [the X Internet]. A lot has to do with organic IT and organic business. Many other companies have the same vision, but just call it something else [instead of X Internet]. Basically, it's all about making technology more flexible and responsive to the business; costing less money and creating shorter cycle times to achieve the needs of the business.

This is definitely a journey - not a one-time event. One way to get us to that vision is to re-architect a solution. Much of the future Web will be driven by the extended Internet -- a connection of the physical world with the Web world.

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