Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Google Has Copyright Issues With The French

Kinda sorta type news. This is regarding a suit brought against Google for copyright infringement of news content. There has been a buzz lately over newspaper/magazines starting to charge for online content. The model of paid subscription has been proven to be inferior to the ad driven model.

My focus is on the trademark battle brewing with brands and search engines. A different argument that copyright, but much more influential to revenues for search engines.

There will be a platform that both search engines and content owners will agree on and it will give the control back to the content owners.

From The Industry Standard Google removing Agence France Presse from Google News.

It's a catch 22 I think. Yes Google stops using your feed, but don't you want the traffic associated with Google's dominance?

Google Inc. is in the process of removing French news agency Agence France Presse (AFP) from its Google News service, which aggregates links to online articles and accompanying photos from about 4,500 news outlets.

Google's decision is a direct reaction to a lawsuit AFP filed against the search engine provider alleging copyright infringement over the inclusion of AFP content in Google News, said Steve Langdon, a Google spokesman, on Monday.

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