Friday, March 11, 2005

Do You Mind If I Advertise To You?

This is definitely getting permission from the consumer.

From MocoNews Advertising-On-Demand to hit US . Great find Rafat!

MobileComNetworks is going for the on-demand advertising market in the US - that is, advertising that mobile phone users request get sent to their phones. “With MCN’s LocalBuddy, users complete a personal profile, selecting content they’d like to receive and are encouraged to update that profile often to ensure that they receive only the information and promotions relevant to their lives.

LocalBuddy then delivers the content through the cell phone as the consumer moves about during the day. For example, after work, a consumer could get an offer for reduced price tickets to a concert or sporting event nearby or on their way home. The offer is only available to LocalBuddy users”. And so on. This is (in my opinion) the only way advertising will actually work on a mobile phone, and increasingly in other media. The trick is to provide content that consumers actually want and that serves the interest of the company.

Will LocalBuddy create their own "society" to rate things after they allow permission.
This creates a different dilemma for mobile advertising. You have the permission of the consumer but determining what brands/info he is interested in is hard.

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