Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Im Not Lovin It

I saw McDonald's annouce this and realized it was a great product placement idea. If Pringles can put their product right in a Survivor show, why can't McDonald's get music artists to place their brands in a rap song.

It would have to be rappers doing this because I don't see established artists pitching products in their songs.

Maybe Jimmy Buffet can do a remake and call it "Big Mac In Paradise".

The only concern I have about this is, will this brand influence on a song, reduce the quality of hip hop music? I bet Bill O'Reilly would have an opinion.

To read the story Big Mac to be Shouted Out by hip-hop artists .

The goal is to get your hip-hop song with as many McDonald's brands in it on the radio. The artist gets paid based on number of radio plays and brands inserted in song.

I have my own hip-hop song I am submitting.

"I'm Not Lovin It"

everyday i turn on the tv and somethin a miss
almost like a tartar sauce-less Filet-O-Fish

all last week up on da Hill
Big Mac getting questioned for popping a pill

there's schnidlers and schiavos with lil Terri in the middle
all this wud end if she could just eat a McGriddle

indonesia gets hits with another quake
tsunami relief efforts cud pass out vanilla triple thick shake

a divorce is coming for Jen and Brad Pitt
i thought they made a good match like a bacon-egg-cheese biscuit

americans living shorter lives because of too much fat
maybe it's because were saying YES to "would you like fries with that?"

michael jackson being tried in court and losing his bucks
his best sales pitch was jesus juice and a Grilled Chicken Deluxe

the pope had a traecheotomy after taken ill
do you think he's ever tasted a Chicken McGrill

scott peterson going to get what he's got coming
the meal of the day is him, not an Egg McMuffin

Kofi Annan and the UN to the United States are stickin it
where they eat youll never find a Chicken McNugget

Lord if youre listening. Im begging you please
make the world better, so I can eat more Quarter Pounders with Cheese

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Anonymous said...

Feeling ok? What are you taking Vangorilla?