Saturday, March 26, 2005

Location Based Marketing

From Location based technology for advanced marketing .

Miami Beach, FL – March 24, 2005 – Orion Information Services (OIS) and Agito Systems ApS announced today that they will collaborate to create, track & promote mobile entertainment products and services geared to consumers at specific events and locations such as nightclubs, bars, special and sporting events among others.

Initially designed in Denmark, this exclusive technology is a marketer’s dream. It enables direct, guerilla, and mobile marketing in a single medium. The joint venture allows both partners to expand the content currently available and appeal to a new demographic: the early technology adopters. The end user benefits are significant and are provided at absolutely no cost.

Moreover, this venture will expand Orion’s trademarked flirting/dating service, SmartFlirts, into a new venue. The exclusive agreement allows both parties to cross promote products uniquely designed for such an advanced communication medium.

The technology performs as follows: A user will be provided a credit card size card that can be used at any location where the system is installed, free of charge. Once, the card is swiped and logged, the user’s location and basic, non-personal information is available through the network. This allows other participants to see, anonymously, where this user is and how long they have been there. Moreover, a marketer can then send a targeted SMS message such as a promotion of a specific brand of alcohol to all users at that location.

This technology enables 1-to-1 interactive marketing in a way none other can. For example, each individual opting in can participate in specific campaigns allowing for greater personalization. From a marketer’s point of view, it presents a perfect medium for direct marketing to a specific demographic. It helps eliminate wasted campaign advertising dollars and it is designed to maximize revenue.

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