Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Good Mobile Search

Another mobile search service I found and have been using is 4INfo. (44636).
To see more , heres their site 4INFO .

It seems to be faster than Google's SMS (46645) and it also comes as one text in return. If Google is going to gain traction with mobile search they have make it easier by sending only one complete text.

I found myself this weekend looking for a phone number to a local restaurant. I did a Google SMS , and they didn't have the number. So I did a Google search online and that was a pain. I ended up calling 411 spending the $1.25 for a local number. They connected me through to restaurant and the line was busy.

I had to recall (I was driving and didn't write the number down), spent another $1.25 for the same number.

How bad is this for mobile info?

Can't the Yellow Pages register a short code (YELLW) and do the same thing? After all you just want access to a yellow pages when you're mobile. Many of these little shops/restaurants don't have websites.

As soon as Google or Yahoo incorporates the local yellow pages into search, the days of Neuman delivering them are over. Their biz is toast. So instead of waiting to die, howabout reinventing your business.

Yellow Pages could completely dominate local search. Have the search engines thought of tapping into this database for an acquisition?

I still have a theory on what Google plans to do with all of the SMS searches, but what will 4INFO do?

Just some thoughts.

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