Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Search Champs 2, The Sequel

Either the input wasn't that impressive, or MSFT didn't take any advice, but MSFT is going to do it all over again.

Instead of asking experts in the industry what will make MS search better, ask people that you want to use it.

Here's a start. Ask 10 people on the street how you even GET TO Micorsoft's search site. When the one or two people that answer http://www.msn.com get their input.

From the MSN Blog Announcing Search Champs v2.

In October 2004, about 30 technology enthusiasts from around the world came to our Redmond campus to take part in an early preview of the new MSN Search service and assist us in the development process. The Champs reviewed our product plans from the bottoms up, including the current and upcoming features as well as future ideas that hadn’t made it into our first version release. Our goal was to get constructive feedback and to obtain a view of our plans through fresh eyes. We were very pleased with the feedback and were able to make changes, based on suggestions from the Champs, that improved both our initial release and future release plans.

Due to the success of the program we are now planning Search Champs V2 that will take place this April. The invites should be out within the next 48 hours.

Hey Scoblemeister what does it take to get the boys in Redmond to listen?

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