Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Google, Froogle, Bugle?

From desktop search to weather forecasts, Google is covering the gamut. After playing around with Google's SMS (46645) and seeing what results I got back with certain music queries, it hit me. Could Google SMS be the Itunes for the mobile?

Would it matter what phone you used a Google music search on? No.

With phone manufacturers designing in the ablilty to download and play music, could this be a way that Google "goes mobile"?

Do an SMS for any barcode on any CD, you get the music title and a Froogle like listing of all sites and the prices they charge. So Google has access to a database of the barcodes, how hard would it be to offer the titles on that CD and send back via text.

Heres my suggestion. Google registers the code MUSIC (68742). Send a text to this number with either a barcode, the artist or the song as the subject. Google knows this specific code is intended for music downloading only so it searches the database associated only with music songs.

One element of the slow mobile web is eliminated by sending and receiving a text. The only pitfall is how long would it take to download a song on a mobile.

Could Google share Itunes database? Would this be a threat to the Ipod?

It is becoming quite clear music IS coming to the mobile phone. The question is, who will provide the service and application to make it happen.

Would you as a user download a Google mobile toolbar if it allowed an easier way initially to send text messages to Google? Replace www.google.com on your mobile phone browser with the SMS function to any of Google's codes.

Let Google introduce a BOOGLE or BUGLE toolbar that is a designated music downloading tool for the mobile phone. Would kids want this?
Bill any downloaded songs right to the cellphone bill....well that could be a big problem considering the ringtone abuse/credit problems already.

Just an idea, it would be a great way for Google to enter into one of the hottest spaces right now (music downloading). After all, when you use your Itunes, what are you really doing, searching, Google's specialty.

Another thought to discuss later. Have you ever wondered what Google does with the data from all of those SMS queries they get? I bet I do.
Wanna know who pays for that data? Stay tuned.

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