Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hitch A Ride To Mobile Content

From Mobile Content : It's time to hitch a ride.

I have been putting off writing this column for months, but I think it is time to come out and say it. Now is the time to ready your content for cell phone delivery. What seemed like a pipe dream of mobile telcos a year ago—getting people to draw down data and entertainment through their cell phones—is now close to the proverbial tipping point, and it is time for any recognizable content brand to stake a claim on the mobile phone frontier.

"Swimsuit downloads to the phone are phenomenally successful," says Paul Fichtenbaum, editor of, which started selling its famous gallery of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model images as phone downloads for $2 each.

It is this highly personalized, expressive element to cell phones that makes them unique powerhouses of content sales. The ringtone market is already seeing how buyers crave the latest, and by this time next year, cell phones with hard drives will begin proliferating in the U.S. The (short text) message is: Publishers should start thinking of the phone as the next iPod and consider how their content fits in.

I say advertisers should imagine the cellphone screen as a TV set that consumers carry with them all day. It will be more personal to advertise to them, but theres only only channel. What kind of advertising campaign would you create to get their attention.

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