Tuesday, March 15, 2005

SMS Alerts From Your Bank

I talked about this awhile ago. Seems pretty easy and should nip the fraudulent activity on a credit card quickly. Only problem I see is what happens when your phone IS your credit card. Another problem to solve for another day.

From BizWeek Mag E-Perks A-Poppin.

Want to know immediately if someone just purchased a $5,000 flat-panel TV with your credit card? This is one of the new, high-tech features banks are adding to their menu of customer services.

Using software developed by Adeptra of Norwalk, Conn., banks now can send automated alerts to customers by e-mail, fax, PDA, or phone. You can ask to be notified when a large credit-card purchase is made, specific checks clear, or a bank balance is running low. Bank One lets its checking and credit-card customers choose from free e-mail or phone alerts; its sister bank, JPMorgan Chase ,also sends reminders to PDAs and pagers. At Providian National Bank, you can get an e-mail message when you reach the credit limit on your charge card.

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