Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vibes Media And CBS Radio Do Mobile Marketing

Keep an eye on Vibes Media . Their iRadio platform is making some nice inroads with the radio industry.

CBS Radio and Vibes Media in text messaging deal

CBS Radio on Wednesday will announce a deal to offer text messaging to listeners, a new service that it said will help stations and their advertisers reach and interact with consumers.

The 41 station deal between CBS Radio, a unit of CBS Corp., and Vibes Media, provider of the iRadio Instant Response Text Messaging Platform, marks the largest text messaging deal in broadcast radio to date, Vibes said

"This is the first massive group deal. They're not just putting their toe in the water. CBS is making a strategic commitment to this space and that speaks volumes," said Jack Philbin, president and co-founder of Chicago-based Vibes.

This is the second major deal for Vibes.

Wouldn't this complement this acquisition ?

I don't expect Vibes Media to be independent much longer.

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